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Feeling Lost and Alone?

Discover hope through your dark moments with the self-help journal from Megan P. Shull

Are you struggling with navigating life lately? Do you feel as if nobody understands what you're going through? Megan P. Shull wrote "The Belligerent Ginger's Journal Prompts for a Cozier Mind: How I Started Having Better Conversations with Myself After a Mental Breakdown" to help readers cope and find light when everything feels dark. Using her own experiences, she wants to help you to be as resilient as possible when you're facing a depressive episode so you don't feel hopeless.

While there is no cure for feeling depressed or anxious, there is a way to face it head-on, accept the feelings and know that if you actively try to combat it, it will pass.

What Megan P. Shull has to say about her own struggles

"I felt powerless and unheard. I didn't know who or what to blame, so everyone deserved my anger. In 2020, I had a mental breakdown - acting on suicidal ideation and landing in several psychiatric hospitalizations. By engaging in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and group therapy, I began writing in my journal every day to map the journey of my thoughts and auditing them for health. As a result, I developed journal prompts to help me re-wire my brain in a way that helps me manage my symptoms of borderline personality disorder, bipolar II disorder, ADHD and OCD."

Begin your healing path. Purchase "The Belligerent Ginger's Journal Prompts for a Cozier Mind" on Amazon today.

3 reasons to purchase "The Belligerent Ginger's Journal Prompts for a Cozier Mind"

Megan P. Shull puts raw and realistic emotion into every page of her book. As you begin to work through the journal and artistic prompts, you'll:

1. Have conversations with yourself that will help you heal old wounds
2. Begin to show yourself compassion to reduce emotional distress
3. Learn that depressive episodes take a lot of self-reflection and work

Become your greatest supporter by beginning your comprehensive mental wellness plan. Get your copy of Megan P. Shull's self-paced journal-prompted book today.